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AdvancedMD™ is a leading provider of Medical Practice Management, EHR and Medical Billing Software.

AgilityMD maximizes revenue for AdvancedMD™ practices.

AgilityMD Available to Assist Any AdvancedMD Medical Practice During COVID-19 Situation

New temporary Accounts Receivable, Staffing, and RCM services are designed to help practices facing current staffing or financial challenges

AgilityMD National AdvancedMD Medical Billing Services

AdvancedMD Billing Software

Interested in RCM

and Billing Service

I use AdvancedMD™ and/or another billing service and I'm interested in a new RCM and billing service.

Need help improving revenue collections

I use AdvancedMD™ to do billing in-house but could use a little help improving revenue collections.

I don't use AdvancedMD™ but I am interested in an AdvancedMD™ RCM solution for my medical practice.


No problem.

Why AgilityMD?

AdvancedMD™ is currently the system of choice for over 25,000 medical providers in nearly 9,000 medical practices across the United States. Many of these practices are served by the approximately 600 medical billing and RCM services connected with AdvancedMD™.


So how do you choose?

No one company is right for every practice as each medical practice is unique. Why choose us? AgilityMD provides services which are tailored around the unique needs and desires of each individual medical practice, regardless of size. 


Furthermore, no one has more experience maximizing revenue for AdvancedMD™ practices than the folks at AgilityMD. What's more  — we don't subscribe to pushy sales techniques, but do offer free consultations and financial reviews. 


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